Quality Health Care for Correctional Facilities


California Forensic Medical Group and its affiliate, California Forensic Management Group, Inc., are led by a seasoned team of healthcare services professionals.

For 30 years our core operations, clinical and financial management group has worked together in leading our team to deliver unmatched quality and value, predictable costs for our customers and compassionate care to our patients. Our customers know that every member of our California-based executive team is readily accessible, and that the person who signed the contract has a personal hand in ensuring that we deliver on our commitments.

Team Approach

CFMG is proud of its long track record as the preeminent provider of correctional healthcare to California counties, and is committed to maintaining our focus on California customers. Our operations and clinical leadership team and their field managers, medical and clinical directors make all key operating decisions for California, eliminating the delays and misunderstandings that can result from distant, centralized corporate management.

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Corporate Leadership

Kip Hallman, Chief Executive Officer
Correctional Medical Group Companies

Kip is responsible for CMGC’s overall strategic direction, including expanding CMGC’s business into additional markets and services of interest to our customers. Kip has more than 30 years of diverse experience, including co-founding and growing a large national healthcare services company and leading the turnaround of a national diagnostic imaging provider. Kip’s passion is leading teams to achieve great results for our people and our customers.

Dr. Taylor Fithian, MD

Dr. Fithian, one of our founders, is Board certified in Psychiatry and Board eligible in Emergency Medicine. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of our psychiatric services and oversees the ongoing development and enhancement of our behavioral healthcare programs.

Rick Hambrick
Chief Technology Officer

Rick brings 15 years of provider side healthcare technology experience. Rick was previously CIO of Leidos Health, a national healthcare implementation and technology services firm, and has held healthcare technology leadership positions for 15 years. Rick has also led the implementation of large EMR programs, as well as bringing new technology into healthcare operations. Rick brings a vision of technology that focuses on outcomes and delivery, by applying the right technology in the right places. Rick has technical specialty within the data and analysis arena, as well as Data Science and web application development.

Dr. Raymond Herr, MD
Chief Medical Officer and President, California Forensic Medical Group

Dr. Herr is responsible for overseeing the delivery of medical, mental health and dental care in all facilities, including standards of medical care and utilization review. Dr. Herr has more than 20 years of experience in correctional medicine, and has been licensed to practice medicine in 18 states over that time period.

Cindy Watson
Chief Operating Officer

Cindy has responsibility for overseeing all operations. She coordinates the start-up of all new contracts, oversees accreditation processes for both adult and juvenile correctional health care programs, and oversees the development of all personnel and operational policies and procedures. Cindy also oversees nursing quality management and training, recruitment, contract liaison, and marketing.

Benjamin Rice
General Counsel

Benjamin Rice serves as the General Counsel for the Correctional Medical Group Companies.  Mr. Rice previously served California Governors Jerry Brown and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Senior Legal Policy Advisor and General Counsel for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) for eight years.  Prior to that appointment, Mr. Rice served as a deputy legal affairs secretary in the Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for two years.  Previously, Mr. Rice worked as Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice from 2003 to 2006.  In that capacity, he represented CDCR and the Governor in federal habeas actions as well as section 1983 civil rights cases including as lead counsel in three class action cases.

Elaine Hustedt
Executive Advisor

Elaine is a co-founder of CFMG and has over 32 years of experience in providing unmatched service to California county jails and detention centers.

Cynthia Bekdache, SPHR
Director of Human Resources

Cynthia “Cindy” Bekdache is responsible for overall human resources processes and strategies for CMGC.  Cindy has more than 25 years’ experience in human resources leadership roles, including more than 15 years in healthcare human resources.   Cindy also is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Briana Elvaiah
VP Finance


Craig Diamond
VP Marketing

Craig brings over 25 years of creative marketing and branding expertise to the CMGC team. In his role, he provides leadership in the areas of marketing, branding, sales and management. Day to day, Craig oversees all aspects of external communications to support sales and business development and recruiting. In addition he drives all internal communications with CMGC’s nearly two thousand employees. Prior to CMGC, Craig was Head of Marketing at Telmate, an industry leader in inmate communications.

Field Leadership

Minnetta Costa, RN, BA, MLOS
Director of Operations

Minnetta has been a Registered Nurse her entire adult career. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings throughout the United States, and came to Correctional Medicine with CFMG in 2002 as a Program Manager for one of our California counties. In 2014 Minnetta attained the position of Director of Operations, overseeing many CA counties. As a Director, she has oversight of responsible counties’ operations, facilitates and/or participates in quarterly Quality Assurance meetings for responsible counties, participates with the corporate executive team to strategize for growth opportunities for the corporation, and participates in the improvement of processes and policies in support of the corporation’s goals. As a RN with a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies, she is uniquely qualified to lead our outstanding teams in our various counties.

Joanna B. Garcia, CCHP
Regional Vice President of Operations

Jodel Jencks, RN
Regional Vice President of Operations

Jodel has worked for CFMG for 18 years, and has been a Director of Operations since June, 2013. She began her lifelong career in correctional medicine with CFMG in 1997 as a staff nurse. Her hands-on experience allowed her to become our Yolo County Program Manager in 2008. In her role she recruited, hired, and trained new personnel, scheduled staff, and oversaw the daily operations of the facility, including pharmacy orders and statistical information. Jodel is responsible for conducting regional operational reviews, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures, personnel management and performance reviews, and guiding her team to successful execution of clinical and operating objectives. In her role, Jodel builds and maintains strong relationships with the Sheriff’s department, on-site medical staff and other County agencies, ensuring contract compliance and open communication.

Yvonne Maxfield, RN
Director of Operations

Yvonne has worked for CFMG for 25 years, and has been a Director of Operations since 1998. She began her lifelong career in correctional medicine with CFMG in 1990 as an LVN at Placer County Jail/Juvenile Hall. As the Director of Operations, she is responsible for overseeing operations in the counties she manages. She reviews operations and program practices to ensure effective and compliant procedures including staffing, hiring, training, retention and performance review. She works in conjunction with jail administration and our on-site health care team to ensure compliance with CFMG’s goals and objectives and the County’s operational plan. She also participates/facilitates the County’s Quality Management meetings. As Regional Director she has developed and maintained strong working relationships with Sheriff’s department, onsite medical staff and other county agencies to ensure contract compliance and effective communication.

James Roemmich, RN, BSN, MBA, GCEC
Regional Vice President Operations (interim)

James has been in the medical profession his entire adult life. He has had the opportunity to work in and for multiple hospital and medical facilities all over the state of California and Oregon, and most recently in Texas and New Mexico as well. He has managed teams and led groups of staff and/or managers in leadership roles for a majority of his 25 years in the medical field. James came to Correctional Medicine with CFMG in January of 2013 as a Program Manager for one of our Northern California counties and has assisted in multi-county oversight since October of 2015.  He has been the Director of Operations for 10 counties in California and Oregon with CFMG, and most recently the Regional Vice President of Operations for our SWCMG counties in Texas and New Mexico. He has recruited, hired, and trained new personnel, mentored staff, and assisted in conducting the daily operations of the facilities for which he serves.  James understands the importance that continuous quality auditing and the reliable reporting of statistical information bring to our management teams and customers as well as how this information assists in a variety of different county, state, and national jail inspections. James was promoted to interim Regional Vice President of Operations in August of 2017 and thoroughly enjoys the multi-county oversight in Texas and New Mexico. He works tirelessly to understand the issues and challenges that his teams face and strives to participate with his county leaders as well as the corporate executive team toward stability and growth for the organization he is so proud to be a part of.

Patrick Turner
Director of Business Development

Patrick has worked in the corrections industry since 1987. During that time he planned, directed and controlled sales efforts for nine western states, directed corporate financial and operational resources towards growth goals, and developed and maintained governmental/political relationships. His current responsibilities as Director of Business Development include guiding CFMG though a historic new period of methodical and responsible growth inside and outside the state of California. He also works closely with our Corporate, Regional and onsite management teams to effectively implement and operate the contract. He maintains regular communication with our clients to understand and meet their needs.

Throughout those years, he has developed a personal relationship with each and every one of his client family and works tirelessly to understand the issues unique to each and every facility. Though he has worked extensively in both state and county facilities, his comfort level is at the local county level. He is and active member of the Sheriffs Association in the states of California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Arizona and worked diligently through these organizations to overcome the challenges and capitalize on solutions distinctive to each state.