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2015 Urban Shield Training Event “Honor the Past, Train for the Future”

The 2015 Urban Shield Training Event was held in the 5 bay area counties; Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, Contra Costa and San Francisco.  This is the ONLY training exercise of its kind, in the world, to teach first responders how to better handle natural disasters, invasions, hostage situations or any large scale attack on an institution.  In fact, several of the first responders who were on hand to help with the Boston Marathon Bombing credit their training here for allowing them to better handle that event, and still participate each year.  There were participants from all over the United States and several foreign countries, including South Korea.   The event begins at 5am on Saturday morning and concludes at 5am on Monday morning, without stopping.  There are 36 scenario events, and the team members travel to each of them nonstop, over the course of 48 hours – no stopping no sleep.  Each scenario is meant to simulate some sort of disaster.

CFMG was the ONLY medical company to actually have members of our clinical team participate; Jessica Pavao,  Rhonna Tindall, Terry Haugen, Lannette Dunn, Lisa Larranaga, Bryan Enslow, Tanya Brewer, Lucy Gu and Suzie Wilken were able to volunteer, providing much needed clinical assistance at the 5 medical units.   Our team members worked two 12-hours shifts during the course of the 48-hour training exercise.

See a video of the event here.

See photos of the event here.