Quality Health Care for Correctional Facilities

CFMG, the first west coast based, privately owned company designed to provide quality healthcare for correctional medical, mental health and dental services was founded in October 1983.

The first contract began on January 1, 1984 in Monterey County for both the adult and juvenile facilities. CFMG is currently the largest private provider of correctional health care services in the State of California with contracts in 27 counties. Services are provided to 65 facilities with a combined average daily population of approximately 16,000 inmates. The corporate headquarters is located at 2511 Garden Road, Suite A160, Monterey, CA 93940.

With 357 combined years of experience, CFMG has developed medical delivery systems that are responsive to the needs of inmates, detention facility administrators, and county officials. The three principals who founded CFMG over 29 years ago still directly manage the programs. No other private provider of correctional health care in California has personnel with this level of experience overseeing operations.

CFMG is dedicated to providing responsive, innovative, high quality and cost-effective medical, mental health, and dental services to California counties.


A summary of CFMG’s experience in providing correctional healthcare includes the following:

  • 357 combined years of experience providing service to 28 California County Adult Correctional Departments.
  • 255 combined years of experience providing service to 20 California County Juvenile Correctional Departments.
  • 145 contract renewals for single and multi-year contracts in 28 California counties.
  • Serving 6 counties for more than 20 years and 14 counties for more than 10 years.
  • 102 successful IMQ accreditation processes for adult detention facilities in California.
  • 61 successful IMQ accreditation processes for juvenile detention facilities in California.
  • Service delivery to 65 facilities in California serving approximately 15,000 inmates.
  • Successful in 45 of the 53 Requests for Proposal processes in California that resulted in the award of a contract.
  • Returned to provide services in Sonoma, Shasta, Butte, Madera, Glenn and Stanislaus Counties after contracts were awarded to other providers and subsequently cancelled.
  • Successful bidder in RFP’s issued in State of California in 2008 – 2012 to include Napa, Butte, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Stanislaus Counties.
  • The only California based private correctional medical, mental health, and dental contractor.
  • Intact corporate management team since inception of Company.
  • On-site management staff with a combined 242 years of correctional health care management experience.
  • On-site physician management staff with a combined 135 years of correctional health care medical management experience.
  • Quarterly quality assurance meetings that include corporate management, on-site program managers, and quality improvement nursing consultant to identify and respond to on-site correctional health care program management issues.
  • Pool of experienced nursing staff, mid-level practitioners, management, and physician staff to provide back-up and support to other counties and to provide training and consultation to new programs.
  • Established relationships with key administrative support resources to include: risk management services, legal representation for professional liability and business/labor issues, pharmaceutical and medical supply vendors, lab services, office supplies and forms vendors, off-site medical providers, and electronic medical records vendor.
  • Established relationships with key medical consultants to include dental, clinical pharmacist, correctional health care nursing, physician peer review, and automated medical records.